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He is a highly intelligent individual. As a boy, he was bullied for being a nerd and the only one that protected him was his older brother Ray. A traumatic event will change his life drastically and make him question his moral upbringing. What impact will this event have?



She is a young girl of unyielding faith. Her family has kept her hidden from the demon-masters and secretly taught her about God. If anyone finds out, she will be tortured and killed. Will her naivety cause her to trust others with her secret? Also, is this sweet little girl more than she appears to be?

How do we heal? What if our pain is so great that we find it impossible to cope with? What if it tears away the foundation of our mind and leaves us with no recourse but to forget the past. What path would you take to block the pain away? What if burying it away meant losing the memories of those we lost?...

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